11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health: Prevention and Early Intervention: Broadening the Scope. Boston (USA), 7-10 Ottobre 2018.

11th International Conference on Early Intervention in Mental Health: Prevention and Early Intervention: Broadening the Scope. Boston (USA), 7-10 Ottobre 2018.

As its convener, Dr Larry Seidman wrote the following welcome to the 11th IEPA conference. Unexpectedly and far too young, Larry died on September 7th 2017. His scientific, clinical and humanitarian legacy is enormous; it is no surprise that Larry laid firm foundations for an important and exciting conference in Boston, October 7-10, 2018.

Larry coined the conference title, ‘Broadening the Scope’, to reflect the IEPA’s mission to support the development and implementation of holistic, evidence-based early intervention for all mental disorders. The Organizing Committee will continue his work to ensure a successful meeting that will, in part, be a tribute to Larry. We welcome Matcheri S. Keshavan and Kristen A. Woodberry, as Chair and Co-chair for the IEPA 11 Conference. Both of our esteemed chairs have worked hand-in-hand with Larry on many projects over the years. They are dedicated to building on the firm foundations he laid for IEPA 11 and to bringing his vision to fruition.

We leave you Larry Seidman’s welcome letter that conveys his commitment to the field and his excitement at bringing IEPA 11 to Boston…

The city of Boston is honored and delighted to host the 11th IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health conference. The theme of Prevention & Early Intervention: Broadening the Scope conveys the widening of our agenda: to cover the full range of early interventions in mental health, not only for psychotic disorders. We expect to draw on scientists and clinicians from around the world to present innovative and novel ideas on these topics. We are excited to bring the worldwide IEPA community to Boston, Massachusetts, in which learning and education is the major industry, and innovations in health care are ongoing in all fields.

Boston is the home of the American Revolution, and has been home to many innovative thinkers and doers for almost 400 years. Despite its age, Boston feels like a young , vibrant city, renewed by its students studying in every arena of scholarship from the arts and humanities to the biomedical and technology fields. In the Boston area, the home of more than 50 colleges and universities, and 350,000+ students from all over the world, the pursuit of knowledge is everywhere. We will hear from scientists and clinicians on the cutting edge of advances in genetics to improvements in brain imaging, to understanding how social interventions can prevent mental disorders.

Our field is moving rapidly, in which knowledge about new causes and treatments of mental health problems are being studied intensively. The 11th IEPA Early Intervention in Mental Health conference will capture this spirit of change and innovation, in stimulating plenary and oral talks, compelling posters, and other presentations. The meeting will bring together in different forums, many constituencies to teach and to learn, including service users, clinicians, educators, family members, and scientists.

Boston and the surrounding New England area are typically beautiful in the autumn and we hope that you take the time to enjoy the scenery of the city and its surrounding areas. We want this to be a memorable meeting for learning, but also for socialization and enjoyable experiences. The museums, universities, and many historical areas will beckon you. We warmly welcome you to come and learn and enjoy IEPA 11 in Boston.

Larry Seidman

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